Our Story

We are Stefano and Gianna, 2 young bestfriends that first met as classmates when living in Latin America.

Writing is our shared passion, which led us to create this spot. We are willing to be creative, but also informative.

You will find utility articles, motivational quotes, analysis, and reviews. We hope you feel satisfied... so now just take a coffee, sit tight and enjoy our intellectual relief!

Meet the Team

We are both the Founders and also Italo-Venezuelan students from Caracas, Venezuela.

Gianna Agostinelli

Artist, Writer & Translator. SEO & CEO

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Stefano Hidalgo

Investigator. Writer & Translator. SEO & CEO

stefano hidalgo

Student of "Economics and Informatics for the Business" at the University "Gabriele D'Annunzio" of Pescara, Italy.

Our Intellectual Relief

We want to give back what we know.  Sharing our writing passion, we learn in its pursue with you.

Our goal is to provide you with valuable, precise, concise but still, detailed information, as we encourage you on your passions' pursuit.

It's a relief for us to contribute with accessible source-trustable, updated knowledge for everyone, everywhere, regardless of income level or language.