Smartphones VS. Tablets: what to choose?

I love technology and I am sure that you love it too. Every year we are bombarded with new gadgets from every brand that you can imagine. Today I would like to analyze two devices that can seem really similar, but actually work very differently. I am talking about Smartphones and Tablets. Shall we begin? 

It’s important to highlight that I will write this post basing on my personal experience. In fact, I have acquired and exhaustively used both devices since many years ago. However, you may not agree with my point of view. I would love to be the king of technology and knowing every pros and cons that exist, but we all have limitations.

After having made that little clarification, you need to understand that these two devices serve different purposes. It’s simple: are you willing to take your gizmo everywhere in order to work, having fun or just receiving calls? Then you are looking for a smaller device, a Smartphone. 

Instead, if you are willing to acquire a mobile device similar to a PC in order to work at home, to watch videos and movies, to read books and articles, I highly recommend you to buy a Tablet. 

It’s easy, isn’t it? Well, not really. If you are interested in this face-off among both devices it’s probably because you are longing to use it both at home and in the street. So we will have to dig deeper into the characteristics and functionality to let you analyze the best choice. 

Battery and weight:

For a larger device, a bigger battery. Almost every Tablet incorporates a more powerful battery than a Smartphone does. This is very useful and helpful if you are longing to use the device for long sessions of gaming, browsing or just multimedia content like videos and movies. 

We could pull off a good comparison between Samsung Galaxy S10+ and Samsung Galaxy Tab 4: the Smartphone includes a 4.300mAh battery which assures on average 16-17 hours of usage before charging; instead, the Tablet includes a 7.100mAh battery which is one of the most powerful of the market at the moment.

There is no need to make too many counts. It’s obvious that a Tablet’s battery life is longer. But this has also a negative side: a bigger battery results in a major weight. 

You will have to take both weight and battery aspects into considerations before purchasing the product that you desire. In my opinion, the weight difference between devices is minimum and the battery is always important to be considered. 

Screen size:

As you may be aware, Tablets are characterized by larger screens. Of course, there are several options like the Mini series from Apple which ensures a more versatile outlook, but the larger screen is probably the main feature why you are debating between Tablets And Smartphones. 

It’s up to you and to the usage that you are willing to destine your device. For multimedia content, reading and gaming, it’s for the best to possess a larger screen, therefore a Tablet. However, big screens make it difficult to manipulate the device. Smartphones will always be more versatile and more easy to handle. 

In case of being definitely attracted by a Tablet, I recommend you to purchase a 10 inches display. In case of purchasing a Smartphone, try to get a 6 inches display. You will find bigger and tinier options, but as I said, it depends on you; I am just trying to set a balance. 

Calls and messages:

Come on guys, who would use a Tablet for calls, messages, and chatting? Well, if you do you can call me a stranger, but I will forever save this feature for Smartphones.

I have always loved the commodities that a smaller device grants me in this field.

I would only recommend you to use a Tablet in case that you are willing to sustain long-lasting family video-calls through Skype or any other similar platform.

Keyboards and Writing: 

This may be a personal preference, but I love writing with my Smartphone keyboard. I even write my articles, books, and stories on my cellphone! Call me crazy. It has always been really comfortable for me.

Instead, Tablets’ keyboards are a pain in the ass. If you try to tell me that it’s similar to a Laptop’s keyboard then you are just losing it. I am just kidding, I am not trying to be disrespectful. 

Again, you will have to pick the choice that suits the best for you. 


There are many other aspects that I could analyze, but I think that these are enough to help you solve your tech dilemma. Now it’s time for you to reflect and to pick a winner! Let me know in the comments which product you got and if this post was of any use! Thanks for reading.